The Beginning…


It all began one day while feeling a general sense of non well-being and wanting to have truly healthy choices available.  It seemed the choices in the grocery store were very limited, especially those free of added pesticides or chemicals.  What was available had a price tag I preferred not to pay and there has never been a guarantee that what I am purchasing is truly free of pesticides or chemicals.  Thus my search began and a stumbling across this thing folks called aquaponics.  And THAT was the beginning.

I made the decision that I wanted to learn to grow my own food and not just my own food, but organic, chemical free, and good for my children food.  I also wanted to learn how to do this year round and do it at a level that I could consider myself sustainable.  It’s concerning the food we are putting in our bodies, sometimes because we don’t have a choice, such as our children in our schools.  The food being offered in over 80% of our grocery store is killing us and the produce, though it is produce, is often so riddled with pesticides that it is truly unsafe to eat.  It is also alarming that should our country, state, or city be hit with some form of disaster, food and water sources which we comfortably purchase and bring home, would become non existent.  Because of all of that, I decided to learn how to live sustainably, and not just live it, but share it, and teach others how to do it as well.  With that, my journey began.  🙂

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