About Us

Live Life Sustainably offers products and support for growing flowers and vegetables sustainably and organically in an aquaponic system.  So what exactly is aquaponics anyway?  Dr. Nate Storey says it well.  Please take a listen:


…And that’s it!  Aquaponics is a symbiotic relationship between fish and plants.  Both offer what the other needs to flourish.  It requires no soil and saves precious water in the process!

Our greater goal is to help our world in need, one little sustainable project at a time.  We are in a process of learning, and want to learn and share as we go.  Sustainability means many things and covers many areas.  For us, right now, it is a learning process.  Learning sustainable growing methods, learning related sustainable health practices such as fermented foods and drink, learning any practice, really, that could fall under the category of sustainable!

Our world has changed and no longer brings us safe and affordable food and products.  We, the greater whole, no longer care for and preserve our world.  Life Life Sustainably’s hope is to learn to live sustainable and help give back by sharing with and teaching those around us.  With that, maybe others may try it too and thus impact our world one small sustainable practice at a time!